I was going to the bank near the lake.  The waves grew very big very quickly. An old sea captain warned everyone to leave because it was about to get dangerous.  I got on the ferry very quickly to go home. The old sea captain started steering the ship because the ferry crew wasn't going anywhere.  The ship’s real captain held a bat to the old sea captains head while he steered the ship to make certain that he wasn't hijacking the ship with bad intent. When we were almost to shore, the real sea captain took back the steering wheel so that he could steer back into the storm and kill everybody. The sea captain took the bat and beat the other captain to death and threw him overboard. The cops came to arrest the sea captain and me for murder of the other captain despite our saving everybody by killing him.  We were put in tiny portable cells that we would stay in for the rest of our lives.  The old sea captain corrupted the cops by explaining that he was once a jail official.