While playing Bernard, I dressed up as a witch.  My makeup assistant wasn’t helpful, so to paint my own face I drew on a piece of paper and pinned it to my shirt.   That would have to do.  I became very confused and asked the director if I should just dress like Bernard.  I was relieved when it was confirmed that I should.  I couldn’t remember why I did otherwise.  I climbed up a million stairs to get the the rented house in the clouds.  It was very easy to get lost in this house.  Stairs connected each white room to every other.  Vendors were selling pastels, pencils and violins in the lake.  The merchandise floated under the bridge.  I dipped a friend in the lake easily.  Comedians chased each-other in the men's dressing room.  I put a dried herbs on the greenroom couch to make Dwight think it was marijuana.  All the other characters were amused.