I was in a museum in which people-sized blocks were placed around inside glass enclosed exhibits People coming to the museum could build their own creations to display inside of them.  Some contained landscape models of nature scenes.  In other exhibits, people used modular electronic component blocks to build autonomous robots that interacted with other things inside the exhibit.  A old friend happened to be there and was controlling a robot that he built from outside the exhibit.  I sat outside in the gallery watching and noticed an unsettling large number of abandoned babies about.  A guide who worked in the museum explained that when people abandoned their babies there the babies lived inside the museum cared for by the museum workers until they were adopted.  I held one especially plump baby.  It seemed very well cared for.  A parade of nude soldiers danced past where sat holding the baby in the gallery.  That was bizarre.  The last thing that I remember was another parade of people dressed like American settlers from the 1800s who were square dancing.