We were on a band tour at an amusement park.  There were really formal dinners in our bus that converted into a dining hall. For some reason, I put a quarter in everybody’s glass before we dined.  We all filled our glasses with honey and buried pieces of bread in it. It was hard to eat and not good. Some girl who we were eating with had food allergies.  She ate it because there was no other food she could eat.  The rest of us tried it too because we were curious.
Our manager had to give a big speech at the top of a ladder.  I had to hold onto the bottom of the ladder to keep it from falling.  It almost fell several times.
We needed to move our luggage while it was raining.  I was looking for you in the rain. I thought I saw you, but then I realized it wasn't you, but then I realized it was you.  You got really cold, so we went somewhere warm.
In some large warehouse, the set for Boeing Boeing was being built.  There were crew members from the Wild Rumpus who were working on it.  Some friends were there and we played this terrifying game in which the players were first person gorillas who fought.  One friend played as this especially terrifying gorilla and always won.  
We decided to see a movie.  Someone we used to know was in front of us in line.  Some person who overpaid bought him a ticket.
An old friend had told me earlier that if you go to certain bathrooms at the park that we were at and jumped up and down everybody else would jump up and down too. I went there to try it.  When I was at the urinal, some guy came up to the one next to me and threw his phone into the toilet. He was mad at something someone had texted him. I congratulated him on not worrying about whatever nonsense was going on.  As I left the bathroom I jumped up and down a couple times and nothing happened. I noticed some rocking chairs that were apparently part of some memorial for council members at wherever we were.  Maybe that was the special feature of this bathroom that my friend was telling me about.
I also remember singing Wherever by Uncle Tupelo to you at some point.

This dream was caused by listening to Boards of Canada before sleeping.  

Thanks to Josh Klak for interpreting this dream.