I had stopped for the night on a nearby island.  It was too dark to search for the smaller one and the treasure would have been impossible to find without more light.  I found some locals to ask me to show me where the island I was looking for was.  They took me to a light house to get the best view.  The older fellow gave no directions, but told me it has a huge guide light on it.  It would be hard to miss.  We talked for a while longer.  The older man told me they didn’t have very good stage effects.  I was confused by this statement.  I saw a huge snake fly out of the water and out of sight.  A moment later the snake appeared behind us in the stairs on the way to the top of the lighthouse.  Before it came closer I noticed it was a very realistic puppet.  Buster Keaton had realized this at the same time as when I did when they pulled the trick on him, they told me.  This must have been the stage effect he mentioned.  Later, in my rented room, I realized that the men I had just talked to were the characters in the novel that I had previously read and was now a character inside that would try to prevent me from finding the treasure before them.  The directions they had just given me were to misguide me.  I got back into my boat.