At the edge of the boardwalk, we watched a herd of elephants in the savanna make their way to the watering holes.  After dinner, we went out onto the balcony.  By now, some rhinoceroses arrived too.  Of course, there were no hippopotami.  I mentioned this as evidence for my pre-existing certainty that hippopotami do not exist.  She laughed.  One of the trees, a large one near the edge of the balcony, had a hole driven through it, perfectly silhouetting a view of more elephants playing in and inhaling the river.  Through it, I could see the hills' huge oak-like trees whose branches extended so far that they could practically be counted as separate, horizontally growing trees.  The sunset was probably imagined from a children's movie that I used to enjoy.  I was surprised that I was only now noticing how alien Madison's jungles appear.